Dye-sublimated fabrics have a depth and range of color that cannot be duplicated by any other inkjet method. SignCenter uses a paper transfer sublimation method that gives us better control over color than the alternative direct to fabric process.

Two printers, 60″ and 104″ wide, produce the transfer prints that are then married to white polyester fabric and sent through our 64″ or 126″ heat presses at 400 degrees. The resulting prints are hot knife trimmed to seal the edges and then sent to our sewing department to be made into banners, table throws, flags or silicon edge graphic frame inserts.

One caution with specifying dye-sublimation fabrics for outdoor use: the dye based inks are susceptible to UV fading and are not recommended for more that 6 months in the sun.

Most dye-sub fabrics are fire retardant. Specific information on fabrics can be found here.

Typical Media

  • Polyester Fabric


  • Up to 104″
  • Up to 1440 dpi
  • 4 Color