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Become a Reseller
Is there a long term commitment?
No. Every reseller is welcome to purchase quality wholesale graphics from SignCenter whenever they need them.
How do I know you won’t sell direct to my customers?
We sell wholesale ONLY. Our pledge to our customers is as follows:
  • We will never sell direct
  • We will deliver 99% of our orders in 3 days or less
  • We will deliver quality products every time
  • We will maintain the lowest prices possible, while keeping our first 3 pledges
What if I make a mistake with a file?
We understand that mistakes happen. If a file needs to be reprinted due to an error by our reseller, we will reprint at a 50% discount. We only want to profit from your success!
How do I know what to charge?
When you receive a quote from SignCenter, the first column is an MSRP price. The second column is our discounted wholesale price. The SignCenter MSRP is a typical retail price found in the Northeast. What price you choose to give your customer is entirely up to you. Some resellers use our suggested MSRP, others are able to charge a multiple of that based on their relationship, and some choose to sell for less; the value of keeping their customer close for their primary products being worth the sacrifice in margin.
Why can my customer find pricing on line for less?
a) SignCenter is not a high volume / low cost provider. Every job gets 100% of our attention. We do not gang run multiple jobs — we do not sacrifice quality.

b) SignCenter is not a screen printer— costs for screen printed vs. digitally printed products vary widely, especially for one, two or three color materials.

c) You can call and speak to a real person who will help you spec the job, quote the job and follow it through production. We care about every job and every relationship. We will make you look good in front of your customer every time.

What do you mean by “3 days or less”?
We guarantee all orders will be produced and ready for shipment within 3 working days. If they are ready sooner we will ship sooner.

Some times 3 days is too long to wait for our gorgeous prints! Many popular large-format prints are available for NEXT DAY turn around, without a service fee! Simply request next day shipping and place your order before 10 a.m. Call your customer service rep for more details.

Can you print metallic inks?
No. None of our current presses can run metallic inks.
Is white considered a printing color?
Not when are printing on white media. However, when using a colored or clear substrate, white ink can be used if any text or graphic requires it, and then, yes, it is considered a printing color.
Can I replenish my Media Sample Kit?
Yes. Just let a CSR know what you need and we will send you out replacement samples. There is an order form on the reseller site.
Is your work guaranteed?
SignCenter will replace any prints that don’t conform to industry standards for quality. Our 3M MCS Warrantied prints have specific guarantees you can see here. Color matching is guaranteed to have a Delta-E of 5 or less.
What is the biggest thing you can print?
Complicated question. The largest board we have in stock is a 5’ x 12’ x 4mm coroplast. For banner material, we print 126” x up to 164’, but that can be welded together to virtually any size that can be handled. Please keep in mind that we can likely print larger pieces than you or your customer can easily transport.
Do you give everyone the same pricing?
Every SignCenter customer is given the same pricing. Often we see a project being quoted by many resellers. If it is a large opportunity, we may apply additional discounts, but every reseller will be given the same wholesale pricing.
Will you help me spec a job?
Yes, definitely. Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you through the entire sales and production process.
You know that everything is a RUSH job, right?
We understand that you need your printing when you need it. We have many “Next Day” service items available without a service fee. We also understand there are extenuating circumstances and will strive to accommodate those situations, but sometimes do need to charge a rush fee.
Will you blind ship directly to my customer?
Yes. Blind shipping is available, just let your CSR know. We can also ship on your shipper’s account.
What is the Pantone Matching System?
A standardized color matching system, though PANTONE is not the only color standardization system, it is the most widely used and the one that most printers understand.
Can I get credit terms?
Any customers that have never conducted business with SignCenter are on an “Advance Payment” term. A 100% prepayment is required for all new customer orders, for a term on 90 days. New customers requesting of credit will be evaluated based upon business volume and payments during the Advance Payment term. Those requesting credit in excess of $10,000 USD must also submit a current business financial statement with their orders to be reviewed by the SignCenter Credit Department. Based on findings from the credit review, additional deposit payments may be required for order release into production.